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Training with Hackathorn

Posted by JFranz On April 30, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

We had an outstanding weekend training with the great Ken Hackathorn at his 2-day advanced pistol class in Elkin, NC.  I had the pleasure of hosting Ken at my home during the class, and the conversations and insight away from the range were as valuable and informative as the class itself.  Thanks to Ken and our friends at Alias for making this happen.

I will have to say that Ken undoubtedly cost me some money.  He let me shoot his Wilson Combat Signature Series 1911 chambered in 9mm, and it was incredible.  I’ve always been leery of 1911’s chambered in anything other than .45ACP, but this thing ran like a top.  The price tag is a bit hefty for me, but Ken let me in on a little secret about STI’s Duty One 5.0 guns in 9 mm.   Looks like there is one in my near future.

Great group of shooters in the class.  We had LEO’s, military, contractors, and hard shooting civilians alike.  I think I can safely say that a few folks who had received training from one and only one source realized that it is certainly “buyer beware” when it comes to selecting an instructor.  As Ken told them, “you need to stop everything you are doing.” That said, I believe those shooters got the most out of the class.

Pictures will be up soon.  Check back for those and a more complete AAR.

See you at the range.


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