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The PHA Tactical Match is held the 3rd Saturday at Piedmont Handgunners Association in Lexington, NC, weather permitting.  Start times are 9 am during the warmer months (April through October), and 10 am during the winter months.  This match is friendly to the beginner and the advanced shooter alike, and matches are open to members and non-members of PHA.  These matches are similar to IDPA or USPSA, only in a 2-gun format.  Please visit our Rules page for more information on the format and specific rules followed during these matches.   Matches are conducted in our 5-bay facility, with five different scenarios or stages designed to test the shooter’s skill with challenging layouts. 


Second in importance only to safety is that all competitors HAVE FUN!  The main objective of the PHA Tactical Match is to provide a safe, fun environment for shooting enthusiasts young and old, novice or experienced to enjoy a day at the range and the fellowship of others who share in their interest.  There are no prizes or titles awarded.  The only pressure at this match is the pressure which you place upon yourself.  Don’t allow the rules presented to intimidate you.  You won’t find a friendlier bunch to shoot with.  So don’t be afraid to join us!


Match fees are $15 per shooter.  Shooters will be placed in the appropriate division based on equipment and skill level.  Divisions include Iron Sights, Open (magnified or red dot optic), Heavy Metal (battle rifles of .30 caliber and above), and Rimfire.  Chamber flags are required for all long guns (and are available for sale if you do not have one).  Some stages will require a handgun as well.  A strong side holster (no cross-draw, small of the back, or shoulder holsters allowed) is also required.  Other equipment such as rifle slings and magazine holders, are not required, but encouraged.  Spectators are welcome, but eye and ear protection are required.


If you have any additional questions, please use our Contact Us page and ask away! 

Come out and enjoy a day of “runnin’ and gunnin'” !


See you at the range.

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  1. Brittany Man says:

    I want to thank all those who helped with the set up and take down. It was a fun shoot. I especially want to thank the guys who came from Fort Bragg to shot. It was great to have them with us. Last night, while trying to sleep, I thought of having a flag for the Ft Bragg guys. This morning, I grabbed my make-shift flag pole, but the old fart that I am, I forgot the flag.

    We will have one flying the next shoot. Results will be up soon. I totaled the score sheets, broke them up into divisions and put them in order. I sent the results to Steve who will post them.

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