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Basic Handgun

Many own a handgun for personal or home defense, and in today’s world of uncertainty, more and more defensive-minded civilians carry a concealed handgun for protection.  While most states’ concealed carry permit courses do an excellent job of teaching the laws of concealed carry, do they really  prepare the shooter  for a defensive shooting scenario?

Basic Handgun focuses on the fundamentals of marksmanship, providing students a solid understanding and foundation upon which more advanced applications of the fundamentals can be applied.  It is not a tactics course, but about marksmanship fundamentals and weapon manipulations.  Basic Handgun is designed to make a shooter more efficient and confident with the his or her handgun.  Topics covered include:

·         Grip and Stance
·         Trigger control and trigger reset
·         Sight picture and sight alignment
·         Draw stroke
·         Drawing from Concealment
·         Fast and efficient reloads (speed and tactical)
·         Malfunction clearance
·        Shooting drills that hone marksmanship skills


·         Safety Awareness and adherence to the four rules of firearms safety
·         Basic weapon knowledge
·         400 rounds pistol ammunition
·         A minimum of 3 working pistol magazines
·         The ability to carry two magazines on the range
·         Eye and Ear protection
·         Tools, spare parts, and lube for each weapon system
·         Note pad and writing utensil
·         Appropriate dress for the season and work on the ground (long pants recommended)
·         Knee and elbow pads (optional)
·         Medical kit (optional, but highly recommended)
·         Water and snacks (optional)
·         Sunscreen and bug spray (optional)


To find out when and where our next handgun course is being offered and to register, check out our Handgun Course Schedule .

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