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Defensive Handgun

Many own a handgun for personal or home defense, and in today’s world of uncertainty, more and more defensive-minded civilians carry a concealed handgun for protection. While most states’ concealed carry permit courses do an excellent job of teaching the laws of concealed carry, do they really prepare the shooter for a defensive shooting scenario?

2-Day Defensive Handgun focuses on the fundamentals of marksmanship, providing students a solid understanding and foundation upon which more advanced applications of the fundamentals can be applied. It also introduces such topics as shooting on the move, shooting from various positions, “contact” shooting, and shooting around and through barricades.   It is not a tactics course, but about marksmanship fundamentals and weapon manipulations. Defensive Handgun is designed to make a shooter more efficient and confident with the his or her handgun. Topics covered include:

· Grip and Stance
· Trigger control and trigger reset
· Sight picture and sight alignment
· Draw stroke
· Drawing from Concealment
· Fast and efficient reloads (speed and tactical)
· Malfunction clearance
· Multiple target engagement
· Shooting around and through barricades

· Shooting on the move
· Shooting in various positions
· Shooting at contact distances




· Safety Awareness and adherence to the four rules of firearms safety
· Basic weapon knowledge
· 800 rounds pistol
· A minimum of 3 working pistol magazines
· The ability to carry two magazines on the range
· Eye and Ear protection
· Tools, spare parts, and lube for each weapon system
· Note pad and writing utensil
· Appropriate dress for the season and work on the ground (long pants recommended)
· Knee and elbow pads (optional)
· Medical kit (optional, but highly recommended)
· Water and snacks (optional)
· Sunscreen and bug spray (optional)


To find out when and where our next handgun course is being offered and to register, check out our Handgun Course Schedule .


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