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STI Duty One 9mm 1911 Review

Posted by JFranz On May 17, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

STI Duty One 5.0 9mm 1911 I had the opportunity to take my new pistol to the range yesterday and run some rounds through it. The STI Duty One came highly recommended by Ken Hackathorn when he was here last month, and I was able to find one for around $1300 brand new in the  [ Read More ]

4/29 Range Trip

Posted by JFranz On April 30, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

After a long lull in shooting due to lack of motivation to get to the range and life getting it the way, I was able to make it to the range for some quality time yesterday evening.  Spending the weekend with Hackathorn will inspire you.  Shot the Glock 17 from concealment and ran a few  [ Read More ]

Glock Modifications – Tac-TV

Posted by JFranz On February 28, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Here is a great video from three of the fore-most experts on Glocks and the modifications they recommend for real world use.

Perfecting Trigger Press

Posted by JFranz On February 3, 2012 ADD COMMENTS

I have received a few requests recently to post some drills that can help shooters stay sharp and improve their shooting skills. There is no substitute for hands-on instruction, and of course we recommend taking a class from a reputable instructor if at all possible. However, we understand many shooters do not have the time  [ Read More ]

Rifle Zero

Posted by JFranz On May 5, 2011 2 COMMENTS

Rifle Zero We often receive questions or hear interesting theories as to the appropriate zero for the AR-15 platform.  As a result, we have compiled our reasoning for why we advocate the 50- or 100-yard zero for the platform and advise against the 25 yard zero.  When asked, which is the best zero, to steal from  [ Read More ]