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AAR: Dark Angel Medical Tactical Aid

Posted by JFranz On August 12, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

  “You’ll save far more lives with a good medical kit and knowledge than with a gun.”          -Kelly H. Dark Angel Medical Tactical Aid Course August 10 and 11, 2013 Monroe, NC The above quote was spoken to me several years ago by a good friend and mentor, and it has always stuck with me.   [ Read More ]

Pat McNamara T.A.P.S. class

Posted by JFranz On May 19, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

We are excited to announce we will be hosting Pat McNamara for his T.A.P.S. carbine/pistol class.  Visit our AAR section for a review of a T.A.P.S. class I took from Mac a few years ago.  More information can be found here.

We have scheduled our 2-Day Defesnive Handgun course for Saturday and Sunday, April 6th and 7th near Bostic, NC at the Walnut Grove 3-Gun range.  Visit our Registration Page to sign up.  See you at the range!

TTE Applied CQB class

Posted by JFranz On February 18, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Had a great time and learned a great deal hosting the TTE Applied CQB class in Bostic, NC this past weekend.  Kelly is a CSAT instructor, and the the ciriculum was developed by Paul Howe.  The class certainly shows the importance of subconscious, near perfect marksmanship and weapons manipulation and handling in a high-stress, overwhelming  [ Read More ]

Kyle Defoor Advanced Handgun

Posted by JFranz On February 10, 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Aesir Training is proud to announce we will be hosting Kyle Defoor and Alias Training in Bostic, NC for a 2-Day advanced handgun course.  Visit our Guest Instructor page or Alias Training’s website for more information or to register.  See you at the range.

We will be holding a 2-day defensive handgun class in Forrest City, NC at the Walnut Grove 3-Gun range on June 23 and 24.  This course takes our basic handgun class to the next level and introduces students to applying those skills in more advanced situations, such as shooting on the move, through and around  [ Read More ]