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T.A.P.S. Rifle/Pistol Pat “Mac” McNamara September 28 and 29, 2013 Elkin, NC   A few years ago, I was in Pat “Mac” McNamara’s first ever open enrollment T.A.P.S. 2-Day rifle/pistol class, and it most certainly left an indelible mark on me as a shooter and an instructor.  As Mac states in his opening brief, this  [ Read More ]

AAR: Dark Angel Medical Tactical Aid

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  “You’ll save far more lives with a good medical kit and knowledge than with a gun.”          -Kelly H. Dark Angel Medical Tactical Aid Course August 10 and 11, 2013 Monroe, NC The above quote was spoken to me several years ago by a good friend and mentor, and it has always stuck with me.   [ Read More ]

DCNC Handgun Retention AAR

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DCNC Handgun Retention July 28, 2013 East Cost Fighter Gym, Charlotte, NC   Give recent high profile cases in the news, and given the consideration of multiple reports or videos of physical altercations involving deadly force or armed combatants, a quality course that covers techniques and tactics for retaining a firearm when locked in hand  [ Read More ]

AAR: Kyle Defoor 2-Day Handgun

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“Be a feeder, not a receiver.  There are no victims, only volunteers.”                                                                                      -Kyle Defoor   Kyle Defoor 2-Day Handgun June 22 and 23 Walnut Grove 3-Gun Range Bostic, NC   I had the privilege and the pleasure of hosting and attending Kyle Defoor’s 2-Day handgun class.  Kyle doesn’t like to use the word “advanced”  [ Read More ]

AAR: Pat McNamara T.A.P.S.

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AAR: Tactical Application of Practical Shooting (T.A.P.S.) Rifle/Pistol Instructor: Patrick McNamara Date: 5 and 6 February, 2011 Location: Trigger Time, Carthage, NC “There is more to tactical marksmanship than squeezing the trigger.” – Pat McNamara When this class announcement was first posted in the usual places, I received calls from others in the training and  [ Read More ]

TTE Applied CQB class

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Had a great time and learned a great deal hosting the TTE Applied CQB class in Bostic, NC this past weekend.  Kelly is a CSAT instructor, and the the ciriculum was developed by Paul Howe.  The class certainly shows the importance of subconscious, near perfect marksmanship and weapons manipulation and handling in a high-stress, overwhelming  [ Read More ]

“Many shooters overlook night shooting because they think it is too inconvenient, too difficult, or just not as much fun as shooting in the daylight.  I will have to let you in on a little secret.  Bad things happen at night!  Most engagements take place during hours of limited visibility.”   -Kyle E. Lamb Defensive Concepts  [ Read More ]

AAR: Basic Carbine April 1

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Here is an AAR from one of our students, adammac32, from the April 1st, 2012 Basic Carbine class. April 1st 2012, The day started off overcasted with a little chill in the air for me nice short sleeve weather. Instructers Jeff Franz & Steve Sellers were of course at there best with knowledge and gear  [ Read More ]

AAR: October Basic Pistol and Carbine Classes

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Here is the AAR from Nick Sims, one of our students in the October 2011 Pistol and Carbine classes. Let me just start by giving a big thank you to Jeff and Steve for the opportunity and the priviledge to train with you guys. The wealth of knowledge shared on both days was well worth  [ Read More ]

Questions like “Is this a Threat?” and “where do the rounds need to go?” are the only questions you should be asking yourself in the real world.  How those rounds are going to get there should be subconscious.  – Jason Falla Redback One 2-Day Advanced Tactical Carbine Jason Falla August 13th and 14th, 2011 Highview,  [ Read More ]