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AAR: Basic Carbine 4/1/12

Posted by JFranz On April 30, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

April 1st 2012, The day started off overcasted with a little chill in the air for me nice short sleeve weather. Instructors Jeff Franz & Steve Sellers were of course at there best with knowledge and gear tips to do show and tell with. We all (8 of us) got to our shooting bay for our meet and greet and to choke down a breakfest bar. This part goes by fast and its good to know whos shooting by you and who is going to do what in case of an emergency. We started of with rifile zeroing and the pros and cons of each, all of this takeing about 15 to 20 mins or so. Then it was off to the range and for me swapping out from my DPMS .308 to a recently purchesed m4 .223/5.56 which i pulled of smoothly. We started with geting our rifles zeroed and while one of the gentlemen who was shooting was useing a DPMS .308 he was haveing a lot of the issues i too was haveing from the first class i took last year in June. I brought mine with me to see if the slight modifcations i made was going to help out or not and was going to run brass only instead of the lacker caseing ammo i ran before but as class had to hold up a time or two so we could try to help this guy out i knew then that i was going to try to finish the day out with the .223. We pressed on and it was time for a quick break where we talked gear and had a few snacks and water to stay alert. We went back talked about trigger control and did more shooting to find where are trigger release is at, along with sight picture and sight alighnment wich too plays as an important role in the grand scheem of things. We worked on grip and stance for you need a good platform to be in when shooting. As we started combineing our new skills together we started doing some drills to test ourselves to see what we had learned and obtained. As we were clicking along it was time for another break where again snacks water and gun talk was happening. I got up with the guy useing the .308 and chated with him some and offered one of my pmags from my 308 hopeing this may be a quick fix for him. We headed back to talk about reloading(speed and tactical) and the way thats more efficent for you as the shooter to insert you magazines wreather its the(beer can grip or the bullets forward) tryed it both ways and can do either one. In the mean time the guy with the 308 seemed to be geting more shooting time in and less clearing malfunctions but it was not to last long.The magazine i loned him was some help but he was still strugleing with issues and by the end of class i was ready to sell mine and that was without even shooting it that day. After a quick break we talked about malfunctions and clearing them. This is helpful knowledge for we dont think of haveing a problem with our weapon not when we’ve paid hard earned money for what we got and if your life is at stake you may want to be fast at knowing how to get your weapon back in the fight for the bad guy isnt going to care. So after a good 5 to 6hr of training we put our skills together and did some shooting from different positions. In all class was the right size. I felt like there was plenty of one on one time giveing by both Jeff and Steve. The price of $125.00 was more then fair for an 8hr one day class. As for the m4 i started the day off with, well it made it but its NOT a milspec rifile. There again find out about the gun you are looking at and how its built. Ask people questions and there oppinons and what they think quality is. You dont want to be in a position where your going to use a weapon and it fail on you so research, research,before you buy.

Rifile- m4 MMC(Moores Machine Company)
Ammo- American Eagle 5.56 55 grain fmj
Magazines- Pmag

Im not military nor lawenforcment just an evryday average person wanting nothing out of life but to live without being in fear for ones safty. I’ve taken two hand gun classes and now two rifile classes with this group, i dont claim to be a bad a@$ but i feel like i have a little more knowledge with the firearms and the handleing of such to where i can stand my ground if needed with that said when oppertunity presents itself and ones finances can afford to do so i would highly recomend these classes to anyone as i too will continue to keep training with these men.

Steve i look forward on hearing back from you on the Castle Law and your views about it. I know your busey but just when ever you get a chance. Thanks

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