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4/29 Range Trip

Posted by JFranz On April 30, 2014 ADD COMMENTS

After a long lull in shooting due to lack of motivation to get to the range and life getting it the way, I was able to make it to the range for some quality time yesterday evening.  Spending the weekend with Hackathorn will inspire you.  Shot the Glock 17 from concealment and ran a few standards I’ve picked up from training with a lot of great trainers.

1st up was Ken Hackathorn’s 1-2-3 drill.  It consists of SHO shooting from the holster.  Starting at 5 yards, it’s one shot to the head, followed by 2 from the holster, and then 3 from the holster.   Then the distance is doubled to 10, and shots in the same sequence to the body.  Then distance is doubled again to 20, and the same sequence is shot to the body again.  I had all A-zone hits from 5 and 10, and had 2 C-zones at 20.  Not too bad for one handed shooting.

Next up was a modified Bill’s drill from 7 yards.  It consists of drawing from concealment and placing 6 rounds in the upper half of the A-zone (marked off by a NRA B-8 stapled over the bottom half for the next drill) in a par time of 4 seconds.  I ran this one clean in 3.97 seconds.

Next was Kyle Defoor’s 25 yard, 6 round drill.  This drill is performed on a B-8 target, and starts with the shooter touching the target.  At the beep, the shooter runs 25 yards and engages the B-8 with 6 rounds in a par time of 30 seconds.  The B-8 is then scored.  Sounds easy, but not so much.  I ran it twice, both times in less than 22 seconds, and with point totals of 43 and 35.  Not so good.  Trigger press still needs work.  Snatches get magnified at distance.

Finally, I ran the infamous “test” from Hackathorn/Vickers.  10 yards, 10 rounds, 10 seconds on a B-8.  First run was 10.11 down 13 pts, which is a no-go.  Too long on the time and sloppy on the trigger.  I stopped at ran 3 iterations of the trigger control/reset drill to clean up the trigger.  Last run was 8.98 seconds down 8, which is a pass.  Still need to work on trigger press.

So there you have it.  68 rounds and right at one hour, and I’ll bet I got a whole lot more accomplished than the dudes in the bay next to me turning rounds into dirt clods and noise shooting phone books.  I know what I need to work on at home with dry  fire, and I know what drills I want to work on next week’s trip to the range to refine my shooting further.

So we’d love to hear from you.  What drills do you run when you get to the range?  What are you working on to become a better shooter?

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